Box Art Hotel is not only a space of natural wellness, it is also an enclave of art. A crossroads between painting, photography and sculpture.

It is a visual manifesto with living art collections in constant movement. It is a unique space that invites the creation of new artistic projects, creative talks, artist presentations.  

In Box Art Hotel you can enjoy the permanent exhibition of the works of Angel Garcia, and the temporary exhibitions that Materna & Herencia Art Gallery organizes and where it emerges every three months and makes available to its guests and visitors the work of artists with a long career and potential revaluation.

The works of artists such as Blannim, Luis San Sebastian, Maru Oriol, Jacobo Perez Enciso, Asela Botella, Paul Bik, Nicoletta Gatti and Federico Echevarria have inhabited the spaces of Box Art Hotel Alpino.

The works of Rocío Guerrero, Andrew Hollis, Fernando Herencia, Javier Benito, Paco Conesa flood with their essence the mansion of Box Art Hotel la Torre, together with Ángel García.