Box Art Hotels is group of special hotels, unique and different from everything else.
In the incredible Sierra de Madrid.
In your memories forever.

   La Torre


Sustainability and maximum care for the environment.

We have known and enjoyed the Sierra de Madrid for years. For this reason, in all BoxArt undertakings, care for the environment is absolute. An idea that has led us to make decisions such as installing geothermal systems, designing our facilities considering and respecting the natural vegetation of the spaces we occupy as much as possible.

Box Art Hotels currently offers two hotels: Alpino, in Navacerrada, and La Torre, in Collado Mediano.

Ideal for corporate meetings.
Both offer multiple spaces and all the comforts to hold all kinds of corporate meetings such as meetings, retreats, work sessions, etc.

Ideal to know the Sierra.
The location of both is idyllic to know, enjoy and explore the most beautiful areas of the Sierra. There are hundreds of options to walk, ride a bike and take advantage of all the options that a spectacular environment offers.